The Institution

Decree # 3760 : S.E.C. Organization
The President of the Republic, based on the Constitution; based on Law # 389 dated 12-01-1995 and amended in accordance with Law #533 dated 24-07-1996 and establishing the Social and Economic Council (S.E.C) and based of the P.M.’s proposal and following consultations with the State Consultative Council, (Opinion # 239/99- 2000) and following Cabinet Consent on July 13,2000. 
Article 1
A General Directorate comprised of the following, is herewith established within the S.E.C.
  • Department for Financial and Administrative Affairs;
  • Department of Statistics, Informatics and Publication;
  • Secretarial Sections at the departmental level would be affiliated with or integrated under S.E.C. Chairmanship.  
Article 4:
S.E.C. Administrative and Financial Departments, is comprised of:
  • Personal, Administrative and Accessories Department
  • Auditing Department  
Article 2
Chairman of the S.E.C. is the Supreme Head of all personnel and employees. The Director General exercises under the Chairman’s authority his hierarchical powers over all administrative units that lie under his direct jurisdiction. 
Article 5:
Statistics and Informatics Department shoulders the following functions :
  • Rendering preliminary and administrative services required by a smooth functioning of committees, experts and technical studies.
  • Cooperating with the Central Department of Statistics over statistics deemed essential for a smooth functioning of the S.E.C.
  • Setting in motion and executing of such an informatics system as needed to ensure a better functioning of S.E.C.
  • Providing a documentation capacity relevant to Library and Publication activity.
Article 3
The Development for Administrative and Financial Affairs assume the following tasks:
  • Securing incoming and outgoing postal service along with its distribution.
  • Editing and clerical work
  • Equipment filing and Personnel Affairs.
  • Drafting of the Budget and Organizing expenditure contracts.
  • Executing Liquidations Transactions and Book-keeping of the Budget.
  • Conducting Juridical Studies. 
Article 6:
Statistics and Data Department is comprised of :
  • The Statistics Department
  • The Informatics Department
  • Library and Publications’ Department  
Article 7:
The Secretariat Department assumes the following tasks:
  • The Chairman’s Secretariat including media and Public Relations.
  • The Board Secretariat and Committees
Each Department Head is the Chairman’s Secretar
Article 8:
The Secretarial Department is comprised of:
  • The Chairman’s Secretarial Office
  • S.E.C Secretarial Office and Committees  
Article 9:
 Minutes relating to Division of tasks in each Department are defined through decisions by S.E.C. Chairman based upon proposals by the Director General and which have been already approved by the S.E.C. Board.
Article 10:
 S.E.C. permanent full timers and employment conditions along with payrolls are defined in terms of Category 2 (two) and below in line with tables 1,2,3 affixed to this Decree.
Article 11:
 Employees belonging to the 3rd , 4th and 5th Categories in all 3 Departments are transferred to other posts as needs may arise and upon a decision by S.E.C. Chairman and upon suggestions by the Director General.
Article 12:
 This Decree becomes effective, the moment it is published in the Official Gazette.

* Issued by the President of the Republic, Emile Lahoud, Signed by Prime Minister Selim Hoss, Minister of Finance Georges Corm, at Bâabda, Aout 30,2000.