The Institution

Decree # 1079 : Defining more representative bodies within S.E.C
The President of the Republic, based on the Constitution ,based on Code # 389 establishing a S.E.C. as amended according to law# 533/096, based on suggestions by the P.M and after having consulted the State Consultative Council (Opinion #83/98-99 dated 04-08-99).
Article 1
Bodies, Syndicated Unions and Associations, listed under this article are regarded the most representative of those sectors that make-up S.E.C. and which are structured as follows: 

Businessmen Representatives
Agricultural Sector (1) For the Union of Beqaa' Farmers,
(1) For the Gathering of Southern Farmers
1- For Beirut, Tripoli, Zahleh, Saida and Nabatieh: Merchant's Associations 
Banking Sector  (2) from the Lebanese Bankers Association 
Tourism Sector  (1) For the Union of Hotel Owners in Lebanon
(1) For the Syndicated Union of Touristic Firms in Lebanon 
The Transport Sector  (1) For the Service Taxi Owners 
The Contractors Sector  (1) For the Beirut and Mount Lebanon Public Works and Construction Syndicate 
Insurance Sector  (1) For the Association of Insurance Companies in Lebanon  
Private Hospitalization Sector  (1)For the Syndicate of Hospital Owners in Lebanon
(1) for the Private Educational Sector  
(1) Representative of the following :  - Maronite Sacred Family Nans ( La Sagesse)
- Antonine Fathers and Nans
- Schools of Beirut Maronite Patriarchy (La Sagesse)
- Schools of the Lebanese Monastic Order ( Kaslik)
- Schools of the Maronite Monastic Order ( Llouwayzeh)
- Baselite Shouweirite Nans
- Salvationist Nans
- Zahrat Al-Ihsan School Beirut
- Notre Dame de Balamand Secondary School
- The national Orthodox Secondary School (Al Mina)
- Evangelical Nans' Schools of Lebanon
- Lazarite Schools of Fathers and Nans
- Al Maqassed Islamic Philanthropic Society -Beirut
- Al Maqassed Islamic Philanthropic Society -Saida
- Hariri Educational Foundation
- Islamic Philanthropic Association and Aiding the Needy's - Tripoli
- Beqaa' Technical and Vocational Institute
- Islamic Amelite Philanthropic Society
- AMAL Educational Foundation
- Schools of Charity Work Society
Women's Syndicates  (2) for the Lebanese Women's Council. 

Sixth : 10 Representatives to be appointed to the following by a Special Cabinet Decree:
"Intellectuals of high competence, expertise and specialization in social, economic, scientific, juridical, cultural, environmental and technical fields."

Seventh: Representatives of Expatriate Lebanese six from the Lebanese Cultural University in the World.
Article 2
Bodies regarded as the most representative by this Decree, are given a month's deadline starting as of Decree publication in the Official Gazette. Bodies cited, are to submit a list of names of candidates, exceeding by three folds the number of actual seats allotted to each respective sector. It is up to the Cabinet to choose the number allotted to each.

In case of Body overlapping within each sector, respective body representatives are summoned to a session whereby each, attend in the presence of a P.M's representative. After verification of their representation of their respective bodies, candidates from amongst them are chosen for a collective representation. Minutes of the electoral sessions shall be then recorded and approved.

Collectively, those bodies submit a list of names of candidates to the Cabinet Secretariat equivalent of at least, three folds of the actual number of seats allotted to their respective sectors within the deadline cited in the first paragraph of this article.

To be attached, to the list, are official documents certifying the existence of conditions cited in article (6) of Code # 389 / 95 for each candidate.
In the event of lapsing deadline without submission of respective sector's lists of names, Cabinet is permitted to choose representatives upon the PM's proposal. 
Article 3:
S.E.C. General Meeting (Assembly) is elected in accordance with Law # 389/95 especially articles 6 & 7 .
(1) to represent the Farmer's National Syndicate
(2) to represent Agricultural Laborer's Union affiliated to the General Workers' Syndicate, so that candidacy representation on these three last bodies takes into account various agricultural regions of Lebanon. 

Representing University Faculty two from the League of full-time Instructor's League at the Lebanese University.
Representing Artisans two from the Syndicate of Artisanal Owners in Lebanon.
Representing teachers from 1- The Private Educational Sector shall be one from the Teachers' Union in Lebanon 
2- The Public Educational Sector shall be one from the Government Run Public School's Teacher's League and Secondary (Official), Teachers' League. 
Representing the Writers one from the Lebanese Writers' Union
From the Publishers One from the Syndicate of Lebanese Publishers
Representing Land Lords One from the Syndicate of Land Lords in Lebanon and the Committee for the Defense of Old Estate Owners' Rights.
Representing Tenants One from the Committee for the Defense of Tenants' Rights.
Representing Cooperatives One from the General Union of Cooperatives and One from the Syndicated Union for Loan Cooperatives.

Non-Governmental Institutions -One representative from the Gathering of Civic Volunteer Bodies in Lebanon 
-One representative for Humanitarian Body Gatherings
-One representative for the Social Council Services
   Al Moustapha Schools -Islamic Cultural Society
   Orphans' House Institute -Irfan Institute
   Owners' Syndicate of Private Academic Schools
   Owners' Syndicate of Private Individuals' School
   Owners' Syndicate of Private Education Schools 
   Owners' Syndicate of Vocational Technical Schools.

Representing Liberal Professions
Lawyers One from the Beirut Bar Association 
One from the Tripoli Bar Association 
Engineers One from the Beirut Engineers' Syndicate 
One from the Tripoli Engineers' Syndicate
Physicians One from the Beirut Physicians' Syndicate
One from the Tripoli Physicians' Syndicate
Newspaper Owners One from the Press Syndicate
Newspaper Editors One from the Editors' Syndicate
Pharmacists One from the Pharmacists' Syndicate
Dentists One shall represent both Dentists' Syndicate of Beirut and Tripoli
Expertise & Accountants One from Auditing Expertise - The Syndicate for 
Auditing Experts.

Representing the Unions
Representing Laborers (9) from the General Union for Labor, so that in representing Laborers and Employees Regional Distribution, Public and Private Firms must always be considered. 
(1) from the General Union of Agricultural Workers 
and the Union of Agricultural Laborers in Lebanon. 
Article 4:
This Decree is to be published and disseminated as deemed necessary and takes immediate effect as of the date of its appearance in the Official Gazette.
* Issued by the President of the Republic, Emile Lahoud and Signed by Prime Minister Selim Hoss at Bâabda, August 30, 2000