The Institution

Decree # 2012 : Composition of the S.E.C
The President of the Republic, based on the Constitution, based on Code # 389 dated 12-01-1995 (Establishment of a S.E.C.) , based on Law # 533, dated 24-07-96 amendment of article 4 of the law # 389, dated 12-1-1995 ( to establish a S.E.C.), based on Decree #1079, dated 09-08-99 (Defining) Bodies that are most representative of sectors within the S.E.C. 
Article 1
S.E.C. is composed as follows:
Business Representatives  

The Industrial Sector 

The Trade Sector 

The Agricultural Sector 

The Banking Sector

The Tourism Sector 

The Transport Sector 

The Contractors' Sector 

The Insurance Sector 

The Private Hospitalization 

The Private Educational Sector 

Jacques Sarraf -Hasan Alamuddine 

Roger Khayyat -Mounir Zakka 

Ibrahim Tarshishi - Waddah Fakhri 

Hisham Bsat - Makram Sader 

Ameen Khayyat - Ghazi Bohsali 

Abdel Ameer Najdeh 

George Mouawwad

Ibrahim Matoussian 

Dr. Fawzi Oudeini 

Rev. Issa Diab

Liberal Professions

Lawyers Representatives 



Newspapers Publishers 




Licensed Audit & Expertise 

Samir Abil-Lamé-Abdel Hamid Raa'd 

Samir Doumit - Bashir Da'ouq 

Dr. Antoine Ghoussein -Dr. Muhamad Fattal 

Abdel Kasim Khalil 

Jean Shami 

Dr. Layla Khouri 

Dr. Antoine Khoury 

Mouwafaq Yaffi 

Representing Syndicates  

The General Workers' Union.:

The General Syndicated Agricultural Union: 

The Union of Agricultural Laborers : 

Representing Agricultural Laborers affiliated to the General Workers'Union:

Representing University Faculty : 

Artisanal Workers Representatives:

Teachers' Representatives: 

Writers' Union: 

Publishers' Union: 


Tenants' Representative: 

Elias Abou Rizk-George Abou Haydar-Bishara-Sha'ya Tanyos Ondrawos-Tawfic Bou Khalil-Yasser Ni'meh-Bassam Tleiss-Mouhammad Harqous - Sa'deddine Saqr. 

Hassan Abbas

Mohyeddine Jammal 

Mohammad Kassab 

Dr. Walid Khouri , - Dr. Hasan Mneimneh

Ghaleb el-Mir, Mohammed Ibrahim el-Bitar ; 

Widad Ni'meh , Ahmad Sanjaqdar

Issam Areedi 

Sameera Assi 

George Rabahiyyeh 

Elias Habr 

Representation of Cooperatives

Representation of Cooperatives

Mounir Farghal - George Elias Hrawi 

Representing Social Institutions

Representating non-governmental social institutions :

Representing Women's Associations :

Father Elie Madi - Ghassan Sayyah -Mohammad Barakat 

Linda Mattar - Lamya Ouseiran ;

Representing intellectuals, specialists in economic, social, scientific, juridical, cultural, environmental, technical and artistic areas.

Hanna Maqsoud - Ghassan Shlouq -Dr. Kamal Bakh'azi - Roger Nasmas - Nora Perkaderian - Salim Khayreddine -Tahseen Khayyat - Nawwaf Salam - Mahmoud Hammoud - Haydar Wihbeh.

Representing Expatriated Lebanese :
George Ghossein - Farouk Abou Jawdeh -Joseph 
Katkout - Wassef Fattal -Ali Sa'deh - Adnan Halabi.

Article 2
 his Decree is to be Published and notified when / if deemed necessary and takes immediate effect as of appearance in the Official Gazette.

* Issued by the President of the Republic, Emile Lahoud and Signed by Prime Minister Selim Hoss at Bâabda, August 30, 2000