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Welcome to the Economic and Social Council of Lebanon

Welcome to the website of the Economic and Social Council. The Council has been claimed by the Lebanese people since the advent of the first councils in the world, in France, in Italy; the UN ECOSOC was established at the same time as the main agencies more than 70 years ago. In 1989 it was decided at the Taif Conference, in 1995 the law was enacted, and in 2000 it became a reality. The ESC has functioned normally for one mandate; thereafter the appointment of the new assembly has been postponed many times which was an early warning of the freeze of institutions. "Emerging Lebanon" is the sign of the local and international efforts that were deployed so as the spirit of the Council remains alive and ready to serve Lebanon.

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Through the past year, we have digitized a part of our actitivies archive and have uploaded them to ESC Lebanon Facebook Page. Visit the page to read more about our activities, along with their photo albums, press releases and articles. Click Here

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ESC stands for The Economic and Social Council. For more information about the Institution, please refer to the upper menu or quick access these submenus directly by clicking on the below links

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Since 2000, ESC has published various Publications, Books, Studies and has delivered economic and social speeches and interviews, on local and interntional levels, in close collaboration with economic and social experts. You can access these publications from the upper menu, or by clicking on the below.

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Since 2000, The Economic and Social council has attended and participated in various local and international Seminars, Conferences, Meetings, Forums and other economic and social activities. You can view activities by list or preview, by clicking on the upper menu, or by using the quicklinks below. You can also log on to our Facebook Page to view all activities, photos and more.

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